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cinematicblue's Journal

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Hello and welcome to cinematicblue! Here you will find mostly icons of JE and other j-ent since those are my main fandom :D If you like what you see, you can watch to make me happy(which probably means more posts lol)!
Um okay, idk what else to put so yeah, enjoy your stay&hearts ;D

★Credit kobaltic or cinematicblue. I will not hunt you down/hate you forever if you don't, but I would appreciate it if you do. c:
★Please do not re-post and claim as your own. If I see that, I will probably be forced to make this place f-locked and I don't want to do that because no one wants that either right? D:
★Absolutely no hotlinking! It's not that hard to right-click save and upload it to photobucket or tinypic or w/e image hosting site. This is probably what I would hunt you down/hate you forever for.
★Comments are very much appreciated! More comments tell me people like my stuff which might mean more posts(again) lol.
★Please do not edit any of my stuff in any way. Textless does not equal bases that you can use to make icons.
★That is all for now. I will probably add more if I think of any.
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